Custom LED Solutions

Here at FamousMods, we are ready to help you by designing, building, and installing the ideal lighting system for your establishment’s exterior or interior setting. Including multi-colored Wi-Fi controlled LED lighting, LED Replacements, and Grow Lighting! Just send us a quote!

Joes Garage Rainbow.jpg

Bar & Restaurant

Using our proprietary Wi-Fi LED Lighting system we are able to seamlessly create ambient, slow moving and fading colors across your entire establishment. From under bar lighting to TV back lighting and everything in between, control it all with the click of a button.

  • Includes 7” touch screen controller

  • Over 30 dynamic lighting patterns and counting

  • Holiday and sports team color patterns

  • Optional music reaction integration

  • 50,000+ Hours of run time

Window Lighting

Looking to attract more customers to your business? How about 16 million moving colors around you windows.

  • iOS & Android App or RF remote control

  • 200+ dynamic lighting patterns

  • 50,000+ Hours of run time


LED Upgrades

When it comes time to replace your old florescent, metal-halide, or high pressure sodium lights its time to upgrade to LED! Save money on replacements and energy when upgrading to LED lighting.

  • Free cost-savings estimates!

  • Ask us about installation!

LED Grow Lighting

Here at FamousMods we have the most advanced LED designs with optimized PAR light spectrums to provide your garden with the exact LED grow lighting that they need for tremendous growth, all while generating much less heat and providing dramatic energy savings over traditional grow lights.