Professional LED Lighting, Controlled by You.

LED Lighting Design, Manufacturing, and Installation. We Aim to Provide our Customers with Unique and Custom Lighting Solutions.

Founded in Flint MI.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Now available for purchase! FamousMod's Smart LED Deck Lighting Kits are easy to install, energy efficient, BlueTooth Controllable and will quickly transform your backyard into a place for family and friends to enjoy, long after the sun has gone down!

Landscape Lighting

Using our proprietary WiFi technology we are able to deliver the next generation of landscape lighting.  White, RGB, Flow, Brightness, Pattern & Zone control.  Bringing the same lighting controls as large venues to your home or business. 

Commercial Windows 

Looking to attract more customers to your business? How about 16 million moving colors around your windows.

Pixel Drop Ceiling

Have a drop ceiling? Get rid of those fluorescent lights with an entire LED ceiling.   FamousMods offers drop ceiling lighting packages for both residential and commercial applications.

Custom Installations

Have something unique in mind? Here at FM we are more than willing to work with customers on exclusive installations.  


Using Our Proprietary WiFi Technology,  FM LEDs Come Equipped With the Latest & Greatest Functionality in the Lighting Industry.

  • iPhone (iOS), Android, & Windows Compatible

  • Zone, Brightness, & Color Control

  • 16 Million Colors Including White

  • "Flow" or "Chase" Capability

  • Simply Connect to a Power Source and Watch your LEDs Spring to Life.

  • Eliminating the need for Complicated Daisy-Chaining of LED Modules

  • FM's WiFi Technology Allows you to Control an UNLIMITED Amount of LEDs from your Mobile Device or PC.

 * LEDs MUST be Within WiFi Range of the Main Control Box.