Why Choose FamousMods?

We are ready to consult in your design, building, and installation of the ideal lighting system for your home. Ranging from white accent lighting to multi-colored Wi-Fi LED lighting, we are capable of providing you with flawless ambient lighting throughout your entire homestead, whether it be your house, shed, barn, or landscape!


Cabinet Lighting

FamousMods Custom Cabinet LED Lighting Kits are not only built to fit your cabinets, they are easy and quick to install! Amaze and entertain your friends, rep your favorite sports team colors on game night, or turn them full white and get more use out of your counter space! No more turning on the bright over head lights at night in order to prepare a snack. Our smart lighting system allows you choose White, Single colors, and 200+ Moving lighting patterns.

Bed & Furniture

No more stumbling around in the dark or flipping a switch that will blind you in the middle of the night! Smart sensors can detect your movements and gently lights up the room when you get up out of bed! This system is the ideal luxury for not disturbing your significant other or a toddler.

Landscape Lighting

FamousMods proprietary Wi-Fi LED landscape lighting is truly one of a kind. Allowing for seamless synchronization between all of your landscape lights. More than 30 dynamic lighting patterns including white, holiday and sports team colors, all controlled from an easy to use 7 Inch touch screen.  Bringing the same lighting controls as large venues to your home or business. 

Deck & Patio

We take time to work with our customers directly in order to design, build, and install the ideal deck and patio lighting for their home. From White accent lighting to 16 million color Wi-Fi touch screen controlled lighting. We strive to provide our customers with unique, individually tailored lighting systems. Contact us for a quote today!